Shouldn’t every dog and its owner sometimes have the liberty to walk off leash?

The dog school’s offers

Dog behavior training

Individual dog training for the area Neustadt / Aisch, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg or directly at your home.

  • You have to start young in order to learn well, visit my puppy and teenage dog training sessions.
  • But better late than never in a training of your adult dog in one-to-one dog training, dog obedience groups and intensive weekend courses.
Dog training for horse riding

The training will be tailored on needs and skills of the owner-horse-dog-team.

  • You want to take your dog to come along horse riding and are looking for support.
  • Or you already take him and want to improve something.
Dog recreation

In my small dog recreation classes with a maximum of 6 dogs, fun for dog and owner is the main objective!

  • Tracking work, scent games, etc.
Time / Dates

Saturdays: 10:00 Puppy training
                  11:30 Teanage dog training
                      13:00 Dog obedience training