We always had dogs when I grew up and I considered myself to be quite experienced. Then I got my first own dog, hunting dog Luna and somehow the available experience was far from worth mentioning.

I have tried several methods that were recommended by media and different dog trainers. In that progress my remaining intuition got lost and problems were increasing and not decreasing.

By a happy chance, I found my way through the dog trainer jungle to a competent CANIS graduate who changed my perception of the relationship between Luna and me and the individual training she prepared for me and my dog successively returned well earned liberty back to us.

My personal highlight was finally being able to take Luna with me for a horse ride.

This delight and the general improved quality of life having a dog that I can take along everywhere, resulted in the decision to change my professional life.

Therefore I decided to do the CANIS studies and I am today CANIS Absolventin and received a certification for qualified dog trainer by the veterinarian association in Schleswig Holstein.

By this certification I got the official permission according to paragraph 11 Tierschutzgesetz to professionally train dogs for third parties or instruct the training by the dog owner.

Further trainings

  • Formalism and distance training with Rainer Dorenkamp und Tanja Elias
  • Sniff us happy ... with Dr. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs und Mia Warwas
  • Formalism and distance training II with Rainer Dorenkamp und Tanja Elias