• Eva Mohr mit Landseer Ares

    I came with our dog Ares, who pulled enormously at the leash and wanted to get to every dog. These problems were gone after two visits. At the end I was able to walk off leash even when other dogs were around. In total we had 5 private sessions. My expectations were exceeded, we are completely satisfied. Again Many thanks!

    My rating: 5
  • Clayton, Elizabeth and Huxley Avent

    Heike is amazing! Prior to our sessions with her, Huxley had no training on or off-leash, and he responded only to a few commands. Now, after a few months of weekly meetings with Heike, we enjoy walks on the leash and playing in the park off-leash. Most importantly, Heike trained us (the humans!) about how to give better commands, reward Huxley's achievements, and work toward our bigger goals.

    We couldn't recommend Heike any more highly! Thanks, Heike!

    My rating: 5
  • Marcus with Leo

    As our 1 1/2 year old male Labrador Leo had a lot of ants in his pants, it was not possible anymore, to have a relaxed walk or to take him for a jog.
    Dog training ground visits and a lot of treats did unfortunately not work.
    Then we ended up at Heikes Hundeschule Große Freiheit. Her maxim appealed to me and was exactly what I was looking for.
    Heikes individual training with easy tips and tricks and without many treats and words, which Leo anyhow did not understand, improved the situation quickly.
    She also provided me with good and useful background information.
    A relaxed off-leash walk is easily possible today and we even had a few nice jogs together.

    My rating: 5
  • Veronika with Bono

    We have finally solved the "bad manners" Bono usually showed when we met other dogs. We are practicing during every dog walk and Bono is more and more relaxed even if the other dogs show aggressive behavior. Thank you very much, Heike, for the excellent training and the many useful tips :-)

    My rating: 5
  • Julia with Patti

    We had an excellent weekend course with several light bulb moments and that helped us to better understand our influence to our 10 year old dogs behavior. Especially the home principles have encouraged our general behaviour towards her. Thank you very much for the lovely course ;-)

    My rating: 5
  • Katrin with Max

    After I have also tried several training methods, and no treats were able to convince the chap to cooperate with me, we finally learned from Heike a dog appropriate kind of communication. As Max is running along when I go horse riding, it is very important for us, that he takes me seriously in any situation and if necessary walks properly on the leash without pulling me from the horse. With patience, consistency and lots of motivation we have found our way.

    My rating: 5
  • The weekend course helped me to better understand my dog Chillis language and to be aware of my own body language and posture. Sometimes a small change makes a huge difference.

    My rating: 5
  • Family Mößner with Cookie and Donut

    We are the Mößners with two children and two dogs.
    We adopted both dogs and our female dog Cookie was a stray in Romania.
    Relaxing walks in the nature together with children and dogs are not "normal" for every dog owner.
    We also had to invest a lot of time and perseverance in the obedience training or braking of bad habits.
    For this Heikes competent advice was essential for us.
    The important issues for us were leash training, social position of the dog within the family, socializing with other dogs, sporting activities together with the dog and dealing with insecurities. The latter is currently an issue for Cookie, especially as she shall also come along horse riding which she finds scary.
    But due to the quick achievements in the past, we are confident to have solved this issue soon.
    Heike is an excellent trainer and we really appreciate her support. It made our life with the dogs much more stress-free.
    But just like children, from time to time they try to push their limits - thus you have to stick to it :-)
    Thank you very much!

    My rating: 5