"Your cant' teach an old dog new tricks".... well that's not really true, but a young dog has definitely a strong willingness and ability to learn. Therefore it makes sense, to use this time to show and teach the puppy some basics, so that he can find his way in our world.

The main objective in my puppy classes for the area Neustadt / Aisch, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg is that your dog achieves social abilities. A puppy learns this while playing with fellow dogs, but also the contact to different people is important. Therefore you can bring the whole family to the puppy training sessions. 

Furthermore it is important, that puppies just like children, learn to cope with frustration to a certain extend. 

You will practise to use your body language, so that the puppy learns to pay attention and to follow. You will learn to encourage wanted but also to correct unwanted behaviour, in order to give your puppy some the important rules and boundaries of the human world.

We will simulate every day situations, so that your dog learns to cope with the usual challenges of a dog life.

Of course teaching the dog its name, calling back and commands like sit and down are also part of the training.

While the puppies are playing, we have time to discuss theoretical issues concerning dogs. 

When / Where:

Saturday, 10:00, Ortsstraße 19, Gerhardshofen or training place as agreed.  
Next training place is agreed after the session or can be requested by email or by phone. 


Open Group with a maximum of 6 puppies at the age of appr. 8 to 16 weeks

Newcomer are always welcome! Please register by email or phone 0151-57 367 704


18 EUR per Training unit*
75 EUR bonus card for 5 agreed training units**

*app. 60-90 minutes depending on the number of puppies 
** also valid for teenage dog training