Now comes the time, when dogs become more and more independent, they dare to move further away from their owner and start to challenge. At the teenage dog training for the area Neustadt / Aisch, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg, you will learn to answer to those changes accordingly.

We will do leash training so that the dogs orientate themselves on their owner, at first with and later also without the leash. Furthermore we work on a reliable call-back.

The content of the puppy training will be refreshed and enhanced.

Also during these sessions, the teenage dogs will have plenty of time to play with each other. We will use the time to watch and estimate their behaviour and to discuss other theoretical questions.

Visiting the puppy training is of course not a precondition to start the teenage dog training. But to make the start for all parties easier, we will meet for one private session in advance. In order to offer an individual training, I need an overview about the dog-owner-relationship, the dogs level of maturity and what the dog has learned so far.

When / Where:

Saturday, 12:00, Ortsstraße 19, Gerhardshofen or training place as agreed.  
Next training place is agreed after the session or can be requested by email or by phone. 


Open training group with max. 6 dogs at the age of appr. 17 weeks to 8 Months. 

Newcomer are always welcome! Please register by email or phone 0151-57 367 704


18 EUR per Training unit*
75 EUR bonus card for 5 agreed training units**
40 EUR for private session if start of training without prior visit of puppy training. 

*app. 60-90 minutes depending on the number of teenage dogs
** also valid for adult group training